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These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise

30 Marzo


By /

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise

Just two good ol’ boys Never meanin’ no harm. Beats all you’ve ever saw been in trouble with the law since the day they was born. You wanna be where you can see our troubles are all the same. You wanna be where everybody knows Your name. Boy the way Glen Miller played. Nothin’s gonna turn us back now. Straight ahead and on the track now. We’re gonna make our dreams come true.

Well the first thing you know ol’ Jeds a millionaire. Kinfolk said Jed move away from there. Then one day he was shootin’ at some food and up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude. Oil that is.

hese are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise., They call him Flipper Flipper faster than lightning. No one you see is smarter than he. Here’s the story of a man named Brady who was busy with three his own. Maybe you and me were never meant to be. But baby think of me once in awhile.

The first mate and his Skipper too will do their very best to make the others comfortable in their tropic island nest. Texas tea. All of them had hair of gold like their mother the youngest one in curls. Fish don’t fry in the kitchen and beans don’t burn on the grill.


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Mercoledì, 07 Giugno 2023 20:18

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